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Feature films

Und das Geheimnis
Des Koi

Allmen und das geheimnis des Koi is the 5th chapter of the adventures of Allmen. Directed by Sinje Köhler and produced by Dgeto.
In this chapter Allmen has to discover the mistery behind the dissapearence of a €1.000.000, one of a kind, Koi. One of his principal suspect is Vittorio Giuninazzi, a rich and powerful business man with dubious means of income.
Join Allmen on this adventure to find the truth in this new film.


Marlowe is an upcoming neo-noir thriller film starring Liam Neeson, written by William Monahan and directed by Neil Jordan. It is based on the 2014 novel The Black-Eyed Blonde by John Banville and stars Liam Neeson as private detective Philip Marlowe, a fictional character created by Raymond Chandler.

Obra Maestra

Largometraje producido por Escac Films. 

Te quiero, imbécil

Te quiero, imbécil es una comedia moderna dirigida por Laura Maña que trata un tema muy actual: Cómo una nueva generación de hombres de 30 años se sienten perdidos frente al nuevo rol de la mujer y al suyo propio

The Promise

A Terry George movie about the Armenian genocide. Starring and Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale.  

Short films

The Conversation

A short movie directed by Adam Ethan Crow and produced by hulahoop entertainment. 

Sustancia X

A short film about the great influence of the pharmaceutical industry. A short by Daniela Moreno

True Battle

Short action film shot by La Masia Reel in association with Inextremis directed by Alberto Gallego. 

Respírame un poco

Short film shot by Alexandra Reñaga.

The PRomise

Year of production: 2016

Running Time: 2:40 min

The Promise es un drama historico dirigido por Terry George protagonizada por Christian Bale y Oscar Isaac que habla de los últimos días del Emperio Ottoman.

Te quiero, imbécil

Year of production: 202

Running Time: 2:40 min

Una divertida comedia romántica dirigida por Laura Mañá.

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