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Tv Series

Der König Von palma

Der Konig von palma.jpg
Der König von Palma Season 2

Year of production: 2022

Release date: July of 2023

The second season of The King of Palma is even more powerful than the first.

The Mallorca Files

The Mallorca Files, Season 3

Year of production: 2023

Release date: December of 2023

The 3rd season of the British/Spanish crime series for Amazon Studios is full of new mysteries.
David Lifschitz plays the suspicious mafia boss León Greg. 

Der König Von palma

Der Konig von palma.jpg
El Rey de Palma

Year of production: 2021

Release date: November of 2022

The new TV Now series The King of Palma has just filmed on Mallorca. TV Now has commissioned UFA Fiction to produce the six-part drama. .


Undercover Season 2

Year of production: 2019

Release date: November of 2020

Season 2 of the Belguim Netflix series in which David Lifschitz plays the role of the undercover agent everyone calls ´Loco´.

comando squad

Poster Maestro Comando Squad.jpeg
comando squad

Year of production: 2020

Release date: Agosto 2020

La tercera temporada de Comando Squad en la que David Lifschitz encarna al gran antagonist de los heroes.


SNATCH Season 2

Year of production: 2018

Release date: September 2018

The second season of Snatch brings the Hill gang to the town of San Toledo where they will encounter the local mob under the command of Mayor Ortega. 

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